If your company facility features a quality tile floor with lustrous shine, you likely want to keep it that way for many years. Alas, time takes its toll on tile and grout, gradually wearing away its sleek shine and even washing them every day won’t bring back that luster. Once dirt and grime is embedded deeply into tile and grout; the original product’s natural glow is virtually unattainable without the expertise of a professional service.

You want to present a welcoming environment for clients and guests and offer a first impression that sticks with them long after they walk back out the door. Sure, you can try to put your DIY skills to work and might even succeed on occasion, but tile and its grout are tough and best left to a pro.

Bring in an expert

Maybe you’re used to spiffing up your kitchen tile with a toothbrush and tile cleaner but that approach falls short with commercial tile environments. Dirt particles consistently work their way deep into the porous grout and to make matters worse, grout tends to attract dirt and absorbs moisture as well, leaving you with damp and sticky grime. Professional, high-power equipment specially designed for the task is mixed with complementing cleaning products to break through sticky residue and get at the dirty grout.

Get rid of contaminants

Thorough mopping and related cleaning is a critical everyday task in commercial floor maintenance but the truth is it just doesn’t remove 100 percent of contaminants and filth from grout. Left unchecked, contaminants continue to build layer after layer and soon your floor looks dirty and has lost its shine. For a real-time reference, compare the tile floors and walls of a public restroom. The walls typically still shine but the floor will be discolored and dull.

Do you have time for all that cleaning?

There’s no debating that tile and rout cleaning for floors is a big job that takes a great deal of time, and that’s if you know what you’re doing. Keep in mind that grout is present between every tile as well as seams and fixtures. You don’t have time to handle this; you’re trying to run a company. Your employees need to focus on their jobs and not be distracted by side chores, and you will be hard-pressed to make up for that lost time. A professional service, however, can rely on industrial cleaners and equipment to get the job done right.

Invaluable expertise for tile and grout cleaning

Maintaining tile after a professional cleaning is just as critical as the cleaning itself and that’s another bonus of hiring a pro. Experienced techs will deliver high quality service from start to finish, and be there to offer handy tips on keeping your tile floor looking amazing for the long-term. Even better, professional cleaning is a big step toward extending the lifespan of a tile floor, which saves you money that can be funneled to other needs.

For more information on commercial tile and grout cleaning, contact The Resh Company at (410) 780-9800 or reshco.com.

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