Upholstered seating has come a long way. Seating is safer, mechanically better, appealing to look at, more comfortable and certainly more ergonomic. Furniture manufacturers are very much tuned in to the needs of their clients and upholstered furniture is built to last 15 years or more if it is given the proper maintenance and care. Commercial Upholstery Cleaning services from the Resh Company is the way to keep it spotless.

Our Upholstery Care staff will provide a well-designed maintenance program established from the date of purchase that will insure that expensive seating does not “wear out” prematurely. We design service programs that meet or exceed fabric manufacturer’s recommendations that are routinely used by all major seating companies. We must evaluate both the product and its use when developing the proper service program for our clients.

Uncrowded waiting room in a community hospital.

Upholstered fabric seating can only be cleaned on one side. Therefore, if stains, airborne dust, body oils and other debris are not addressed in a timely manner, they will become embedded below the surface. Once this condition has progressed beyond a certain point, individual fibers will deteriorate rapidly.


coffee stained chair


afer removing coffee stain

Fiber deterioration cannot be reversed. And studies show that clients on average replace furniture every seven years. Most of the time, companies will “need” to replace seating because it no longer looks good. Because seating is used for a variety of functions throughout a facility, a maintenance program is highly recommended that takes into consideration the specific use of each unit, the fabric, the manufacturer as well overall condition.