Furniture systems are used for group activities as well as for individual work places. They come with a variety of colors, functional capabilities and surface materials. These systems have created their own unique problem in that individuals consider their cubicle as their “personal” space. Studies have shown that style, functionality and appearance can be both a source of satisfaction and dissatisfaction. Ironically, cleanliness is very important even though the occupant may not be thought of as “organized” or a “clean-freak”.

cubicle cleaning service

Cubicle Cleaning Service

Recent studies have shown that after compensation and responsibilities, the appearance of an individual’s “space” is the 3rd most important factor in whether an employee is happy with his/her job. The training of new employees can costs tens of thousands of dollars. Therefore, saving one employee can easily pay for the cost of maintaining furniture systems and modular panels. This is a very important consideration in today’s competitive job market; attracting and retaining employees.

Resh Commercial Carpet Care has carefully developed the most effective methods and service frequency programs to clean and maintain your furniture systems and modular panels to insure that your company maximizes its substantial investment in these products and your valuable employees. A carefully designed service maintenance program is comparable in cost to an oil change on your car. And, it is just as important.