Commercial Floor Cleaning

Cleaning, sealing and maintaining your tile, grout and stone can be a complex undertaking.

However, it is absolutely essential in order to maintain the beauty, cleanliness, and sanitary state of your tile floors and anywhere else you have tile and grout. We have extensive experience in proper tile and grout cleaning procedures and using the proper tile cleaning products that provide the best possible cleaning results without damaging your tile, grout and stone surfaces.

Resh’s flooring professionals are ready to assess your hard surface flooring and provide the best recommendations for the care of this important facility asset. We will come to your office and provide free assessments and inspections and develop a commercial floor cleaning maintenance program specific to your needs or provide you with the proper information for a restorative clean and maintenance.

commercial floor cleaning

Resh Commercial Floor Care utilizes a combination of machines and hand scrubbing for maximum results. These include soil, debris and haze removal, and stripping of many topical sealers, waxes and acrylics. We can polish your floors to remove dirt and produce a “high gloss luster” to your tile flooring. New factory finishes can be improved. For VCT flooring, applying a fresh coat of wax will provide protection and a sparkling shine.

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Granite Tile Restoration & Sealing

If your granite tile is looking beaten down and downtrodden due to high traffic, move-ins and contractor traffic . Or your tile has not been restored or re-sealed for years… Call Us!!