Vinyl flooring makes for an ideal surface in high-traffic areas, not only because it is durable and attractive, but because of the low cost of installation and maintenance.  Even so, you will need to properly maintain your vinyl flooring if you want it to continue to elevate your décor and enjoy the greatest longevity.

What’s the best way to clean and maintain your vinyl flooring when a high volume of foot traffic leaves it grimy and scuffed?  Here’s some sage advice for anyone looking to get the most from their vinyl flooring.

Sweep/Vacuum Frequently

When dust and debris collect on vinyl flooring, they can not only create an unsightly surface, but they can also lead to scratches as people pass through and grind dirt into the floor.  This could permanently damage the finish, resulting in flooring that never really looks completely clean, despite your best efforts.

The simple solution is to sweep or vacuum vinyl flooring frequently.  This may require daily efforts for areas that experience high-volume foot traffic, but when it’s time to clean flooring with water and cleaning solvents, you won’t exacerbate the problem by grinding in dirt and detritus further.

Avoid Abrasive and Harsh Chemical Cleansers

Vinyl flooring is fairly resilient and long-lasting, but only if you treat it right.  Abrasives cleansers and chemical solvents are great at cutting through dirt and grime, saving you on elbow grease, but they can also damage the top layers of vinyl, opening the door to lasting stains and ground-in dirt that are difficult to get rid of.

By opting for an appropriate, neutral cleanser instead, you can ensure the cleanliness you want without marring the surface of flooring.  As a bonus, this will save you money on deep cleaning, resealing, and replacement over time.

Stripping, Refinishing, and Sealing

Even with suitable cleaning efforts, your vinyl flooring will experience wear and tear over time that requires more concentrated efforts.  When your floor starts to look dull, stained, or persistently filthy, it’s time to think about deeper cleaning.

You may need to strip away the top layers of flooring to create a clean, even surface and then apply coats of acrylic floor finish to renew the surface.  You can also add sealant or conduct regular waxing to further protect against harm, but choosing the right product is crucial to avoid dulling the high-shine finish of your vinyl.

Professional Servicing

The best way to preserve vinyl flooring that takes a beating on a daily basis is by working with a professional floor cleaning service that has the expertise and equipment to combat the effects of high traffic.  The right service can remove staining and ground-in dirt and grime, treat issues like haze that make your flooring dull, and restore your vinyl to a beautiful high shine so that it looks like new.

If your vinyl flooring is starting to look a little worse for the wear, despite regular cleaning efforts, it’s time to seek professional help for deep cleaning and restoration.  Contact the experts at The Resh Co. today at 410-780-9800 or online to learn more.

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