When is the last time you had your office upholstery cleaned? A month? Six? Longer? You’re a hardworking business owner and put a lot of time, effort, and expense tending to every detail to keep your office space healthy and comfortable for staff and customers. You are diligent about keeping the floors sparkling, reception area welcoming, and restrooms spotless. You brought in high quality furniture that fits perfectly with the office vibe, but does dust billow forth when someone sits on the chairs?

It is often overlooked but office upholstery cleaning is an important element of business operations. Office furniture works hard, from the front reception area couch and chairs to individual office and staff lounge furniture. It all endures a great deal of use and abuse and deserves the same kind of care and attention as other office accoutrements.

Keep it clean and healthy

A clean and well-maintained office area is the foundation for efficient business. Upholstered furniture lends a welcoming and homey touch but it also demands regular cleaning. Upholstery is very adept at attracting and collecting foreign material the likes of skin cells, hair, dust, mildew, tiny bugs, and most likely food and beverage stains left behind from perhaps months of spills. Even if cleaned up right away, spill residue can seep into the padding and cause more damage or require a replacement.

All that detritus might also include allergens that can wreak havoc on customers or staff with related sensitivities, and no one wants to work in an unhealthy environment. Dirty, unkempt furniture also tends to share its dour mood with anyone who happens by. It might seem unlikely, but clean upholstery has a direct influence on mental and physical health.

Put upholstery cleaning on the calendar

If it’s not already on there, cleaning office upholstery needs a regular space on your calendar. As a general rule, furniture placed and used in high traffic areas should see a thorough cleaning at least every six months. Couches and chairs in quieter office locations should be fine with an annual cleaning.  We can break this down further by types of cleaning:

Surface cleaning

Every time your office carpet is vacuumed, give the upholstery the same treatment. Regular vacuuming between deeper cleanings is critical in keeping furniture clear of dust and dirt and other aforementioned intruders. In fact, surface cleaning is extremely effective in keeping upholstery in good condition for an extended time.

Deep cleaning

Even the most tended-to furniture at some point will need a “spa treatment” deep clean. First, take stock of where the upholstered furniture is located and how it is used. A chair in an auto shop reception area, for example, is likely to attract more dirt and grime than a dentist’s office. Gauge timing for cleaning on your business’s needs but a thorough, professional cleaning should be done at least once or twice every couple of years.

Remember that keeping your office furniture clean and in good condition can extend its lifespan, saving you money in the long run.

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