Commercial tile experiences heavy foot traffic on a daily basis. Thus it requires a special cleaning process to get rid of built-up dirt and grime. Simple floor cleaners for residential properties won’t do the trick. Let’s take a look at the commercial tile floor cleaning process and what it means for your business.

Using the Right Products for Your Floor

Some commercial tile floors require specialty-cleaning solutions. Others can be cleaned with steam machines or chemicals designed for commercial floors. Before every commercial tile floor cleaning process, there is a consultation to determine which methods will work best for your flooring. During this consultation, the floor cleaning company will assess our needs based on the amount of traffic your business experiences and the overall condition of your flooring. Then they can schedule regular floor cleaning to keep your building looking its best.

Commercial Tile Floor Cleaning Step-by-Step

As we mentioned above, the first step in commercial tile floor cleaning is assessing the needs of the business. For example, if you have a restaurant, you will need a cleaning solution that works well with grease. If you have a retail store, your tile cleaning may be more focused on shoe scuffs and cart wheel marks.

After the consultation, your commercial cleaning company will schedule a time to complete the tile cleaning. This can be after office hours or during times of low business activity. They may move furniture around to clean as much of the floor as possible. Then they will apply their cleaning solution or prepare the cleaning machine to strip the dirt off the floor.

The cleaning process itself goes rather quickly, but the cleaners cannot go so fast that they leave grime behind. This is especially true when cleaning grout lines because the pores in the grout absorb grease and oil. They will move throughout the building in a pre-planned path to clean the floors without tracking over their previous work.

In addition to cleaning the commercial tiles, your floor cleaners may also seal the tile and grout. This protects the flooring, extends the life of your tile and makes the floors easier to clean in the future. The effect is similar to putting polyurethane on wood. It prevents liquids from absorbing into the grout and creates a beautiful sheen on the floor.

Cleaning Other Types of Commercial Floors

If you have carpeting, wood, laminate, epoxy, or some other form of commercial flooring, you will need a cleaning program that fits that style of flooring.

At The Resh Company, we offer customized commercial floor care plans designed with you in mind. Give us a call at 410-780-9800 to schedule a free consultation, and one of our flooring experts will gladly assist you.

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