• Can Resh Remove Toner Ink From Carpet?

    YES WE CAN!! Toner ink is actually not an ink but a special dye that requires expertise to remove. See our work below where we had specifically saved a new carpet from being replaced when we removed toner ink from a copier that had been spilled.  We saved our customer hundreds of dollars in replacement costs. toner ink stainafter toner stain removal from carpet
  • What’s the Difference between Restorative Cleaning and Maintenance Cleaning?

    A restorative cleaning is typically a one-time cleaning using a truck mount or portable hot water extraction system with a wand. The hot water extraction method or steam cleaning, as it is more regularly called, is the most popular method of carpet cleaning used by professional cleaners today usually used in residential or small areas. Many carpet manufacturers have begun to recommend the use of hot water extraction as a part of the regular cleaning regimen. This method does an excellent job of extracting soil from deep in the carpet pile and can be very effective in removing other contaminants. Studies have shown that hot water extraction can remove as much as 99% of the contaminants found in some neglected carpets.


    An ongoing maintenance cleaning regimen will utilize the same equipment as the restorative cleaning method however on a more frequent or scheduled basis. In addition, maintenance cleaning includes methods such as Pile Lifting, Encapsulate Cleaning, Absorbent Compound, Absorbent Pad (Bonnet), Spot Cleaning, Rotary Shampoo, etc.


    When strategically combined, maintenance and restorative carpet cleaning  that concentrate on  entryways, hallways, and major access areas such as waiting rooms etc, which typically represent 1-5% of the average commercial building's total floor space, it is possible to significantly reduce the buildup and tracking of soil into the other 95-99% of the building, thus reducing maintenance and replacement costs overall.

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