Luxury Properties

Does your luxury property have a carpet problem?

Many luxury living facilities have a janitorial company clean their carpets along with everything else they do. Janitorial companies may be okay at floor cleaning but when it comes to the carpet in a luxury facility – you NEED A BETTER STRATEGY.

Do your resident complaints revolve around any of these issues?

Endless Trash Drags

Endless Trash Drags

Abused Trash Chute

Abused Trash Chute

High Traffic Dirt

Dirty Carpet

Pet Odors

Pet Odors

If so, we have the answer to these problems!

The solution is  – method and frequency.

  1. Most janitorial companies are not carpet experts. We have expert methods and unique cleaning solutions that are proven to not only clean better – but also preserve the life of your commercial carpet.
  2. An infrequent cleaning schedule compounds your problem. On average, carpets are only deep cleaned once or twice a year – we include 6-12 service visits at planned intervals.

Let us prove it to you!

We will clean your most problematic area

No gimmicks, games or hidden hooks. We simply want to show you what our unique system can do for your facility’s appearance. Although every facility is different, most of our custom tailored maintenance programs for luxury living facilities are offered for less than $5k per year and include 6-12 service visits.

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