Quality upholstered furniture can be the focal point of a room and tie everything within together in a seamless display of welcoming and comfortable beauty that reflects your personality and style. And one of the best things about upholstered furniture is it’s easy to maintain and doesn’t take a lot of time from your day. Best of all, a little effort on your part gives your sofas and chairs a brilliant look that endures throughout the year.

As a responsible and proud homeowner, you secured the resources and skills of a trusted professional furniture cleaning service to pay a visit and spruce up your home’s interior upholstered accoutrements. When they finished, the rooms visibly shined with your furniture pieces like a collection of gems. Now it’s up to you to keep that showroom pop looking grand.

Make Smart Fabric Choices

Efficient upholstered furniture maintenance starts before you even make a purchase. Choosing the right fabric makes future care significantly easier. The key is to select the right fabric for its intended space. First up on most people’s lists is appearance and will the piece fit in and enhance a room? Once that is settled, choose a fabric that matches your lifestyle. If a particular room is alive with rambunctious kids climbing up and bouncing all over the furniture, synthetic fibers are a good choice to hold up to the action. Do you have pets that take a liking to napping on the living room couch? Fabric with loose weave or a lot of texture to catch a claw or hold a stain means you have a lot of extra cleaning and care work in your future.

Protect Your Investment

The best strategy for keeping your furniture’s fabric in great shape is quick reaction time. If a youngster stumbles on the way from the kitchen and spills his bowl of watermelon on the couch, this is the time for you to leap into action. You have some semblance of comfort knowing upholstery fabric goes through a thorough treatment process at the factory. Where water and soil repellents, mildew inhibitors, and other protectants are applied. This is great for helping prevent stains from being instantly absorbed into the fabric but it doesn’t do the whole job. Address stains as quickly as possible to keep your furniture in top shape.

Keep the Vacuum Cleaner in Action

Preventative maintenance is a good idea for many areas of a home and helps keep small jobs from turning into big headaches. Keep a soft-bristled brush handy to whisk away daily dirt and dust collections. Vacuum your upholstered furniture every week to prevent that debris from embedding into the fibers.

Cushion Turnaround

It seems easy enough but simply turning over the cushions can greatly extend the life of upholstered furniture. It allows for even wear and the cushions won’t develop “sitting dents” as quickly. Fluff up the cushions after cleaning and with a couch, rearrange the cushions’ locations for more equal distribution of use.

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