Commercial buildings receive significantly more foot traffic than residences. They require specialty flooring that can withstand this abuse, and that flooring must be well-maintained. Commercial carpet cleaning services are specially designed to preserve your investment and keep your building looking its best. Here is a look at why commercial carpet cleaning should be left up to the pros.

Carpet Cleaning is a System, Not Just a Service

In order to protect commercial carpeting, you need a system in place to reduce dirt and debris in the building and a routine to keep it clean even in high traffic situations. This includes several factors, such as washable entry mats, walkway rugs (if necessary), consistent floor maintenance and scheduled deep cleaning sessions.

No two buildings are alike, but your program should always include routine maintenance. Frequent, routine maintenance often costs less than infrequent “deep” cleanings. Typically, a facility may have their carpets deep-cleaned 2 or 3 times a year. What happens when spots and spills occur months before the next scheduled cleaning?

With our proactive approach, your carpets will be clean and stay clean even between scheduled cleaning.

Not only do we make seasonal adjustments to accommodate rainy and snowy weather, we have a unique system of routine inspections to ensure your Baltimore metro facility looks clean even if it has been months since your last deep cleaning. We also make recommendations to help you further protect your flooring investment.

Residential Methods Won’t Work for Heavy Traffic

When it comes to carpet cleaning, one method or product does not work for every situation. Residential cleaning products are not made to work with commercial carpet fibers. These products will not get out the layers of dirt your carpeting is exposed to, and they may damage the carpet fibers as they “clean.” Even if the carpet looks clean at first, you may eventually see the set-in stains coming through. Or, the detergents used can end up with a soapy residue that is impossible to clean out, leaving you with a carpet that is a dirt magnet.

With our carpet cleaning maintenance plan, you get a system that works for your flooring and traffic levels. We custom tailor a plan specific for your business, so you know you’re getting the best care possible with every cleaning session. Adopting a routine maintenance plan will help extend the life of your carpet, promote a healthier environment and improve the aesthetic appeal of your facility.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Services Work around Your Schedule

With our commercial carpet cleaning services, you can have your floors cleaned outside of operating hours. We will not disrupt your customers or employees, and we will be able to clean faster because there are not many people in the building. If your business operates 24 hours a day, we can come in during your slowest times to take care of your flooring. We develop a schedule and process that will work for your individual needs.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services Keep Your Building Looking Its Best

The one thing people definitely notice is a dirty carpet or flooring. Whether you manage a luxury apartment building, a medical center or an office building; your customers, employees and visitors will judge your business based on the cleanliness of your building. It doesn’t matter how good you are at what you do. Commercial carpet cleaning services will help represent your business in the best possible way, from first impressions to long-term business relationships.

Contact The Resh Company today to learn more about commercial carpet cleaning, and one of our knowledgeable staff will be happy to assist you.

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