Three Summer Floor Care Challenges (Plus How to Deal with Them)

Summer Floor Care Challenges It’s summertime, and the living is easy – but floor care never stops. The slush and snow is gone, but summer comes with its own set of floor care challenges. Here are 3 summer floor care challenges, along with some tips for dealing with them. A different kind of dirt While … Continued

Three Reasons Why You Need a Furniture Maintenance Cleaning Plan

You know the value of keeping your building looking its best with a regular cleaning schedule. But one thing that you may have overlooked when developing a furniture maintenance cleaning plan is your upholstered furniture. Why clean your furniture? It can be easy to forget about cleaning furniture like lobby couches or desk chairs. After … Continued

Why Indoor Winter Maintenance is Important

As a building owner, you probably have winter maintenance plans in place for your outdoor areas like parking lots, sidewalks, and entrance areas. Snow and ice removal are important for keeping your business accessible and attractive during the winter. But have you considered the importance of an indoor winter maintenance plan? Here are three reasons … Continued