Your workers spend their days staring at the carpeted walls of their cubicles. This upholstered surface can get just as dirty as the carpet on the floors, even if it looks clean at first glance. Office cubicle cleaning is one of the many services we offer here at The Resh Company, with flexible plans to suit your needs and budget. Let’s take a look at how cubicle carpet cleaning can boost your office productivity.

Eliminate Germs That Make Workers Sick

We are approaching cold and flu season, which means germs, will constantly be working their way into your office. You can control germs by wiping surfaces, changing air filters and requiring workers to wash their hands, but those efforts only go so far. Every time a person coughs or sneezes, germs are released into the air. The carpet fibers on cubicle walls, creating a never-ending source of sickness in the office, often trap these.

With cubicle carpet cleaning, you can eliminate these germs and protect your workers from getting sick. The less sick they are, the fewer days they’ll have to take off. You will be properly staffed at all times, and your employees will not have to worry about getting ill from work.

Create a Pleasant Working Environment with Cubicle Carpet Cleaning

Since your employees spend so much time in their cubicles, it’s important to keep these spaces as pleasant as possible. Workers feel more energized and alert when they have a clean, fresh cubicle to work in. Think about how depressing it is to come home to a messy house. Now compare that to the relaxed feeling you get walking into a clean house. Your employees will have a similar experience with a clean cubicle, and they will naturally be more productive as a result.

Give Your Workers an Office to Be Proud of

People who take pride in their work strive to do more, be better, and achieve higher goals. Your workers will be proud to work in an office that is clean, organized and sanitized. If clients or guests come to the office for a visit, they will see a great work environment with happy employees at every turn. This creates a positive image for the entire business and gives employees even more to be proud of.

Remodel without Remodeling

Employees like to work in an office that feels new, modern and up to date. This shows that the owner cares about the business and therefore cares about the employees. You don’t need to have brand new desks and cubicles to get that “remodeled” feeling though. Sometimes all it takes is a thorough cleaning.

With cubicle carpet cleaning, you can remove years of fingerprints, pen marks, food oils, dirt, drink splashes and more. Even if the cubicles are several years old, they will look like new after deep cleaning. Contact The Resh Co. today to learn more about cubicle carpet cleaning and schedule a free consultation with one of our commercial carpet cleaners.

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