Flooring can be one of the hardest foundational components of décor to maintain, especially if you run a business that experiences a lot of foot traffic.  Whether you own and operate a retail store, a movie theater, or a corporate office, or you’re responsible for managing an apartment building, a hotel, or a healthcare facility, just for example, keeping floors clean can be a major headache in high traffic carpeted areas.

Unfortunately, dirty flooring can tarnish your professional image and even create health and safety hazards.  Filthy carpeting is not only unsightly and gross, but it can harbor allergens and bacteria that may make employees and customers ill.  Dirty, grimy, hard flooring could increase risks for slip and fall accidents, for which you are liable.

In other words, you definitely want to do all you can to keep flooring clean, but as a business owner or facilities manager, you have a lot on your plate, and you’re probably not a cleaning expert.  Even if you have a regular cleaning crew, they may not be able to adequately deal with high traffic carpeted areas that see the most wear and staining.  What you really need is an expert in commercial floor care.  Here are a few of the benefits you’ll gain by working with a specialist.

Expert in High Traffic Carpeted Areas

The average person knows enough about vacuuming to manage carpet cleaning in a home setting, but when you’re trying to keep carpeting clean in a retail, office, or hospitality setting, where hundreds of people tread well-worn pathways daily, it becomes a little more difficult.  Even your professionals cleaning service might not have the skill or equipment to prevent matting and staining over time.

This is why partnering with an expert in commercial floor care is so important.  Professional technicians will come to your location to perform an assessment of your flooring and create a customized plan for care that not only cleans high traffic areas to make them look like new again, but includes ongoing maintenance to protect your carpeting long-term and extend your investment.

Superior Cleaning Products

A commercial floor care expert not only has the training to identify and treat high traffic areas that are soiled, but also the right equipment and safe, effective cleaning products to get the job done to your satisfaction.  This could include products that clean and deodorize simultaneously, as well as biodegradable, non-detergent cleaning solutions that remove tough stains without leaving residue behind.  It could also entail low-moisture processes that help to prolong the life of your carpeting, just for example.

Deep Soil Extraction

Even with regular cleaning efforts, soiling and stains can damage high traffic areas.  This is why it’s a great idea to schedule annual visits from your commercial floor care specialists for deep soil extraction that includes spot treating and deep cleaning heavily stained areas.  The result will be uniformly clean carpeting that looks like new.

The Resh Co. difference will can help your floors make an impression

At Resh Co, we understand the unique needs of your business. Call us for an estimate today, and we’ll create a personalized plan just for your building to help ensure that your floors are sending the signals that you want your visitors to see.

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