There are two main categories of commercial carpet cleaning that businesses inquire about. The first is restorative cleaning, which is usually a one-time process designed to “restore” aged carpet. The second is maintenance cleaning, which involves routine cleaning to keep carpets looking fresh. Both options have their benefits, and ideally, they should be combined to prolong the life of your carpet. Let’s explore a closer comparison so you can understand which service you need.

What Is Restorative Cleaning?

Restorative cleaning is used to revitalize carpet after a long stretch of time. A good example of this would be in apartment buildings, where the carpet needs to be shampooed between tenants. The specific type of carpet cleaning used will depend on the carpet’s age, structure, and soil level. Many professional cleaners use a truck mounted cleaning station with a portable hot water extractor. They steam clean the carpets to remove as much dirt and debris as possible without using any chemicals. If there are set-in stains that require special treatment, the cleaning company may use spot treatments to take care of that.

What Is Maintenance Cleaning?

Maintenance cleaning also uses hot water extraction, but the process occurs over routine, scheduled visits. Rather than deep cleaning the carpet at one time, the carpet cleaners repeatedly remove soil before it has a chance to settle in. Maintenance cleaning can be modified to fit a business’s needs, including spot cleaning, pile lifting, rotary shampooing and more. With proactive maintenance cleaning, businesses can reduce the need for restorative cleaning.

How to Combine the Two

Ideally, businesses should use a combination of restorative cleaning and maintenance cleaning to keep their carpets looking fresh. A commercial carpet cleaner will still do a round of deep restorative cleaning initially, but maintenance cleaning will prevent stains and soil. You could get maintenance cleaning for high traffic areas of the office and then use restorative cleaning as needed to clean the whole building. Customize your carpet maintenance plan to fit your needs.

At The Resh Company, we offer fast and effective solutions for commercial carpet cleaning. We will discuss your business needs to develop the best carpet maintenance plan for you. Whether you just need a one-time service or you would like ongoing carpet cleaning for your business, we have a program that’s perfect for you. Contact us or give us a call at 410-780-9800.

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