Summer Floor Care Challenges

It’s summertime, and the living is easy – but floor care never stops. The slush and snow is gone, but summer comes with its own set of floor care challenges. Here are 3 summer floor care challenges, along with some tips for dealing with them.

A different kind of dirt

While summer brings a welcome relief from the slush and snow dragged in by heavy winter boots, it comes with its own kind of dirt challenges. These vary by location, but can include things like mulch pieces from outdoor landscaping, sand from beaches or play areas, and regular old mud and dirt from work or play in lawns and gardens.

Fortunately, the fix for summer dirt is fairly easy – it just requires consistency. Summer dirt is usually drier than winter dirt, so for hard floors you can trade in your mop bucket for a broom. Keep one near entrances to quickly sweep up sand, dirt, and outdoor debris that comes in. If you have carpet, vacuuming daily – or more often as needed – can keep that dirt at bay, and prevent it from getting ground into your carpet.

All that sun

Summer sunshine is a beautiful thing, but it brings with it two particular challenges for floor maintenance.

First, all that lovely light pouring in the windows means that everyone can see your floors better. Streaky finishes, walked-in stains, and dirt in the corners all become obvious in the summer sunlight. Schedule a serious deep-clean with your regular cleaning staff, or give us a call at Resh Co. Not only can we make your floors something to be proud of, but we can set up a regular maintenance plan that will keep them that way all year ‘round.

Second, sunlight not only shows up existing floor care problems, it can also cause them. The UV rays in sunlight can fade or discolor some types of flooring with prolonged contact. To mitigate the risk to your wood or carpet floors, close the blinds or drapes on your windows when they are in full sun. Not only will this keep your floors looking good, but it will help keep your spaces from heating up in the sun.

Water in the air

Humidity brings welcome relief from winter dryness, but it can also make some parts of floor care harder. Hard floors take longer to dry after mopping, and the extra moisture in the air can encourage mold and mildew growth in damp carpet. Fortunately, there are some steps that you can take to prevent humidity from wreaking havoc on your floors.

First, add some ease to your schedule. When mopping the floors, remember that you’ll need to allow extra time for the floors to dry when you’re done. And when it comes to spills or spot cleaning on your carpet, keep the area uncovered – preferably with extra air circulation – until the spot is completely dry.

Second, remember that less is more. When cleaning, wring out your mops extra well to avoid getting excess water on the floor. If carpet cleaning is necessary, consider contacting a professional cleaning company, like the Resh Company. We can ensure that your carpet comes out clean and dry, with no extra opportunity for mold growth or funky smells.

The Resh Company Difference

Easy summertime living brings its own set of challenges to floor and building maintenance. You don’t need to add extra stress to your own summer living, though – contact us at the Resh Co, and we’ll set up a maintenance plan custom tailored to your building that will keep you feeling fresh all summer long.

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