Ink and toner stains are some of the most difficult marks to get out of carpet. A small dot in your home office may not be noticeable, but a large stain in a commercial office can be. Before you completely replace the carpet though, we have some tips to remove ink and toner stains from commercial carpeting.

Why Ink and Toner Stains Are So Stubborn

Toner is a type of dye, which is why it is so difficult to remove from clothes and carpeting. The toner changes the color of the carpet fibers. With most removal methods, the toner will either permanently leave a mark on the carpet, or it will discolor the carpet along the way.

Here at The Resh Company, we have years of specialized training to remove stains from commercial carpeting. We have the tools and knowledge to gently remove the stain from the carpet without changing the color of the fibers. We highly recommend calling a commercial carpet cleaner to take care of the ink and toner stains because that will provide the optimal result. However, there are some steps you can try to remove the stains on your own.

DIY Toner Stain Removal

If you want to try removing the toner stains on your own, start by vacuuming any loose powders that are on the floor. Do not run the vacuum over the stain because that may smear it. Instead, use the hose and apply it directly over the powder.

Blot up any liquid on the floor with a paper towel. Again, do not rub it or smear it. Blot it gently to keep the stain localized. Mix cold water with dish detergent, and apply it to the area where the toner or ink sits. Then blot again to dry the area. You may need to repeat this a few times over, and you may need to use one or more rounds with just water to get the soap out of the carpeting. Allow the carpet to dry completely between stages.

Professional Toner Stain Removal

Because ink and toner stains are so temperamental, they are best removed by a professional. Contact a commercial carpet cleaning company like The Resh Co to get your carpet looking its best. We will identify the best tools and/or chemicals to use for the type of carpet and stain you have. Then we will remove it using tested and proven methods.

The longer the stain sets, the harder it will be to remove. Act quickly to clean your commercial carpets, and you can greatly extend the life of your flooring.

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