Three Reasons Why You Need a Furniture Maintenance Cleaning Plan

You know the value of keeping your building looking its best with a regular cleaning schedule. But one thing that you may have overlooked when developing a furniture maintenance cleaning plan is your upholstered furniture. Why clean your furniture? It can be easy to forget about cleaning furniture like lobby couches or desk chairs. After … Continued

How to Remove Ink and Toner Stains from Carpet

Ink and toner stains are some of the most difficult marks to get out of carpet. A small dot in your home office may not be noticeable, but a large stain in a commercial office can be. Before you completely replace the carpet though, we have some tips to remove ink and toner stains from … Continued

Tips for the Office – Upholstered Furniture Maintenance

Upholstered office furniture is comfortable, soft, and relatively durable, but it's harder to maintain than wood or plastic. Chances are you have some sort of fabric furniture in your office, whether it be in the waiting room, the break room, or individual offices in the building. In order to maximize the lifespan of this furniture, … Continued

Resh Commercial Carpet Care Demonstrates Cleaning Showroom Carpet

The Resh Company demonstrates our advanced commercial carpet cleaning methods to remove extreme stains and restore damaged carpets. Our advanced cleaning product is 100% detergent free and does not leave a residue. Splits any non-solid organic molecule to remove extreme stains from carpet. The demonstration shows our advanced technology equipment alongside the revolutionary cleaning product … Continued