Office furniture can be a pricey investment, regardless of how large your office may be. Even if you buy good quality furniture though, you need the proper care for it to last. One of the primary ways to care for office furniture is through upholstery cleaning. This simple but effective solution could greatly extend the life of your furniture. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of upholstery cleaning and how it could lower your business expenses.

Prevent Stains from Setting in

The longer stains sit on fabric, the harder they are to remove. You may have experience with this in your own life through your weekly laundry. If you have regular upholstery cleaning scheduled, you can prevent short-term stains from turning into long-term headaches. Deep stains may require harsh chemicals and abrasives to remove, which breaks down your fabrics faster. Get them out quickly, and you can preserve the integrity of your furniture.

Remove Sources of Odors

Upholstery cleaning isn’t just about stain removal. It’s also important for odor removal. Over time, your chairs, carpets, sofas and ottomans can start to smell musty, damp, or even foul. This is particularly true during wet months of the year when people put their wet clothes on the furniture. Odor does not have to be connected to a stain. In fact, your furniture may look perfectly clean, but the smell is still there. With proper cleaning and maintenance, you won’t have to worry about the odor in your office.

Stop Debris from Sinking below the Surface

Upholstered furniture can only be cleaned from one side. If body oils and debris are left untreated, they will slowly sink into the seat. This puts them further out of reach, making them more difficult to clean through traditional upholstery cleaning. If you have scheduled maintenance, you can catch most debris before it becomes a longstanding issue.

Will Upholstery Cleaning Reverse Fiber Deterioration?

Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can to do repair fabric that has already deteriorated. This is a natural occurrence with use and time. Routine cleaning will preserve the fibers as long as possible, but once they have become weak, you may have to replace your furniture. Most of our clients replace their office furniture every 7-10 years, which stays in line with changes in design trends. By the end of your upholstery’s life, you’ll be ready for a new, more modern fabric anyway.

Does the Savings from Upholstery Cleaning Outweigh the Cost?

In most cases, yes. Getting your furniture cleaned will save you a significant amount of money later on. The same goes for carpeting, drapery, and anything else along those lines. If you keep it clean, it will look great and remain intact for years to come.

To find out how affordable office upholstery cleaning is, contact The Resh Company in Rosedale, MD. Call (410) 780-9800 to schedule a free quote, and one of our knowledgeable upholstery cleaners will be happy to assist you.

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