Second Part: Avoiding Costly Flooring Maintenance Mistakes

Avoiding Costly Flooring Maintenance Mistakes By Alan S. Bigger Originally Published April 2017 in Second Part: Costly Mistakes in selecting and installing flooring can have long-term consequences for both organizations and the staff responsible for keeping them looking their best. But managers can learn from others’ mistakes. For example, in one building, new carpeting extended right up to … Continued

Maximizing Investments in Flooring Maintenance

By Alan S. Bigger Originally Published April 2017 in Managers looking to maximize their organization’s investments in flooring maintenance and cleaning activities, as well as to enhance the overall appearance and performance of floors, should consider several strategies. The first step for managers is to ensure housekeeping crews have written cleaning procedures on an easy-to-read … Continued

Facility Condition and Productivity: The Ongoing Maintenance Link

Dan Hounsell March 30, 2017 – Maintenance & Operations Maintenance and engineering managers in institutional and commercial facilities know that healthier buildings help occupants feel and work better. No, maybe the general public will start to take note of facility conditions. A new Harvard study has found that the key to working better, sleeping better, … Continued