You know the value of keeping your building looking its best with a regular cleaning schedule. But one thing that you may have overlooked when developing a furniture maintenance cleaning plan is your upholstered furniture.

Why clean your furniture?

It can be easy to forget about cleaning furniture like lobby couches or desk chairs. After all, it’s not being walked on like the floor, and it doesn’t show fingerprints like windows. But neglecting to clean your upholstered furniture is a mistake that could cost you.

Here are three reasons why it’s just as important to have a maintenance cleaning plan for your furniture as for your floors and windows:

Visual impressions

People lay eyes on your furniture well before they sit on it, and sloppy, stained, or worn furniture is definitely going to count against you when it comes to that first impression. This is easy to keep in mind when choosing furniture, but is sometimes forgotten when it comes to regular cleaning and maintenance.

In addition to stain prevention and removal, regular cleaning and maintenance can include moving or rotating cushions to prevent settled spots in the filling of the furniture. This helps to stave off the wear patterns that are a dead giveaway of old furniture. And as your furniture does begin to wear, regular maintenance will help it to wear evenly, making it less noticeable.

Health concerns

Regular cleaning of your office furniture isn’t just about looks – it’s about keeping everyone healthy. Stains, food crumbs, and skin cell or body oil buildup can all harbor bacteria, particularly if left to settle into the upholstery. These can add to the bacterial load in the air if they’re sent airborne when someone uses the furniture. They could also make people sick from direct contact.

While this is a major concern at medical facilities, it’s worth consideration for offices and residential buildings as well. Basic cleaning like vacuuming crevices for food crumbs and wiping down furniture can do a lot to prevent bacterial growth. If you’ve neglected cleaning for a while, however, professional cleaning might be necessary to really reduce the microbial load in the fabric of your upholstery.

Your bottom line

The two reasons mentioned above already have the possibility of saving or losing you money. After all, visual impressions and numbers of sick days have a real impact on your business. But even more basically, a furniture maintenance cleaning plan saves you money because well maintained furniture will last longer. This enhances the value of your furniture investment, as you can either spend more money on higher grade furniture, or put the money saved on replacing furniture to use elsewhere.

As a bonus, if you’re able to spend a little more upfront for higher quality furniture, you’re likely to find that regular maintenance cleaning is even more effective at keeping it looking and functioning well for longer. Higher quality upholstery is likely to respond even better to regular cleaning, while sturdy construction can prevent frames from falling apart before the textile is worn.

Making your furniture maintenance cleaning plan

Now that we’ve looked at why a furniture maintenance cleaning plan for your furniture is important, it’s time to make one! If you decide to take on the task yourself, be sure to check furniture tags and manufacturer’s instructions for the proper types of cleaning products and methods to use.

If you already have enough on your plate, or want to make sure that your furniture cleaning is done right, you can contact us at Resh Company for a customized cleaning plan for your furniture. Your custom plan will take into consideration furniture usage, fabric type, and manufacturer recommendations.

The Resh Company Difference

We have years of professional experience developing maintenance plans for upholstery that maintain optimum freshness without wearing down the textiles through excessive cleaning. Contact us today!

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