The appearance of your floors accounts for up to 75% of visitors’ overall impression of your facility. But what is your floor really telling them? Here are a few signals straight from your floors to your visitors’ eyes.

1. We cut corners here

The very first thing that visitors to your facility see may be a gleaming floor, or a freshly vacuumed rug. But this won’t count for much if the second thing that they see are the dust bunnies in the corners, the built-up grime along the edges, and the splatters of cleaner on the wall. If you cut corners with your cleaning – or hire a sub-par floor cleaning service – that tells your clients or business partners that you’re willing to cut corners in other places.

If this description fits your floors, all is not lost! The great thing about cutting corners is that there’s usually a simple fix: don’t cut them. Instruct your in-house cleaning staff, or your cleaning service, to pay special attention to the corners and edges. At first, they may need to do some restorative cleaning, but after that, maintaining clean edges and corners should be a simple matter of paying attention and taking a little extra time.

2. We know how to take care of things

The opposite of grimy corners above, a consistently well-maintained floor sends a message of professionalism and competence. Choosing appropriate flooring for your building builds a solid foundation, and following that up with proper cleaning and maintenance shows that you know how to take care of things. This means knowing the appropriate finish for your hard floors, and communicating that to your cleaners or staff. Staying alert to the need for deeper cleaning or refinishing is the next step. At Resh Co., we set up personalized maintenance plans that can help prevent stains and wear showing up on high traffic areas.

Regular cleaning, maintenance, and deep cleaning is just as important for commercial carpet flooring. A clean, well-maintained carpet signals capability and attention to detail, while a stained or worn carpet tends to the opposite message.

3. We do luxury well

If your building is luxury branded, you know the importance of appearance. With floors making such a big impression, their importance in a luxury building is of even greater importance. High quality, meticulously maintained floors can send the signal that you don’t just aspire to luxury status – you maintain it effortlessly.

When maintaining luxury flooring, there are a few extra considerations to keep in mind. One of them is the appearance of your daily upkeep tools – brooms, mops, and even walk-off mats. Your lobby may be luxuriously appointed, and your staff instructed to keep up with crumbs and dirt on an as-needed basis, but if the broom that they use has an industrial or ragged appearance, it will draw attention to itself, and clash with the look of your space. Quiet carpet sweepers may be preferable to loud vacuums for quick jobs, and any mopping system necessary should be similarly discreet. Walk-off mats should be designed to blend in with the surroundings, and meticulously straightened and cleaned as necessary.

Another luxury consideration is the timing and method of deep cleaning. Nothing interferes with the luxury feel like loud equipment and limited access to common areas, potentially combined with unpleasant smells and fall hazards. Scheduling deep cleaning, floor refinishing, and other potentially disruptive cleaning tasks for low traffic times, as well as utilizing methods designed for as little disturbance as possible, will allow you to maintain your luxury look without disturbing your luxury feel.

The Resh Co. difference will can help your floors make an impression

At Resh Co, we understand the unique needs of your business. Call us for an estimate today, and we’ll create a personalized plan just for your building to help ensure that your floors are sending the signals that you want your visitors to see.

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