As a building owner, you probably have winter maintenance plans in place for your outdoor areas like parking lots, sidewalks, and entrance areas. Snow and ice removal are important for keeping your business accessible and attractive during the winter. But have you considered the importance of an indoor winter maintenance plan?

Here are three reasons (plus a bonus!) why an indoor winter maintenance plan is a good idea:

1. The outdoors doesn’t stay outside

The weather conditions that necessitate outdoor winter maintenance tend to make their way inside as well. Snow and slush come inside on shoes, often bringing salt or other ice melt with them. Even if you have good entry mats down, some of this wintry mix is going to end up on your floors. Not only is this unattractive, but the dirt and ice melt in the mix can damage carpet and hard floors as it dries and sinks in.

Putting a maintenance plan in place allows you to keep your indoor spaces as accessible and attractive as the outdoor ones. It can also mitigate the long term damage caused by unaddressed dirt, salt, or other chemicals on your flooring.

2. What happens inside stays inside

When your building closes up tight for the winter, any cleaning issues tend to become more obvious. Is that funky smell from the carpet, or the upholstery? In either case, a maintenance plan can help clean it up and keep it gone. But funny smells aren’t the only thing that becomes more obvious during the winter.

If your employees are starting to experience some cabin fever, or sink into some winter doldrums, they’re more likely to notice that their workspace isn’t looking the best. Cubicle cleaning or restorative carpet cleaning can be the magic touch to brighten everyone’s outlook when things are gray outside.

An indoor maintenance plan can have a positive effect on your employees work experience. This affects their moods, which heightens productivity for everyone.

3. Cleaner is healthier

While you might be on top of hand washing and wiping down hard surfaces to prevent the spread of germs, don’t forget that sneaky viruses and bacteria like to linger on soft surfaces, too. Germs released from sneezing and coughing can end up embedded in carpets, cubicle walls, and upholstery. And when half of your workforce is calling in sick, nothing gets done!

When it comes to germs in carpets and upholstery, running the vacuum yourself isn’t likely to do the trick. In fact, simply vacuuming instead of steam cleaning can actually release trapped bacteria into the air where it can make people sick.

A regular maintenance plan to clean carpets, cubicles, and upholstered furniture can help keep your workforce healthy and on the job!

Bonus: why can’t I just call you when I need you?

While you can certainly call on the Resh Co for any needs, an ongoing maintenance plan is always the best idea.

When you set up a maintenance plan, our expert managers will come to your location and meet with you to assess your building’s particular needs. They may be able to point out location-specific issues that aren’t obvious to you but are noticeably dingy and unattractive to your clients or employees.

Having a maintenance plan not only allows for tailored services, but also takes a load off of your mind. Your floors, upholstery, or cubicles are one more thing that you don’t need to keep an eye on. And during a Baltimore winter, you certainly don’t need one more thing to think about.

Finally, a maintenance plan can extend the life of your floors and upholstery, saving you time, money, and hassle in the long run.

Call the Resh Co today to set up your indoor winter maintenance plan!

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