Restorative Cleaning vs. Maintenance Cleaning

There are two main categories of commercial carpet cleaning that businesses inquire about. The first is restorative cleaning, which is usually a one-time process designed to “restore” aged carpet. The second is maintenance cleaning, which involves routine cleaning to keep carpets looking fresh. Both options have their benefits, and ideally, they should be combined to … Continued

Commercial Tile Floor Cleaning Tips

Commercial tile experiences heavy foot traffic on a daily basis. Thus it requires a special cleaning process to get rid of built-up dirt and grime. Simple floor cleaners for residential properties won’t do the trick. Let’s take a look at the commercial tile floor cleaning process and what it means for your business. Using the … Continued

Which Commercial Entry Mats Should You Buy?

Between salt, snow, ice and other chemicals used on parking lots and roads – entrances in a commercial facility can get messy. It can also become hazardous for visitors when the melted slush is tracked into your building. Then it dries, leaving a crusty white stain throughout your building. Left untreated, these chemical stains can … Continued

Why Commercial Buildings Need Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services

Commercial buildings receive significantly more foot traffic than residences. They require specialty flooring that can withstand this abuse, and that flooring must be well-maintained. Commercial carpet cleaning services are specially designed to preserve your investment and keep your building looking its best. Here is a look at why commercial carpet cleaning should be left up … Continued

Tips for the Office – Upholstered Furniture Maintenance

Upholstered office furniture is comfortable, soft, and relatively durable, but it's harder to maintain than wood or plastic. Chances are you have some sort of fabric furniture in your office, whether it be in the waiting room, the break room, or individual offices in the building. In order to maximize the lifespan of this furniture, … Continued

Second Part: Avoiding Costly Flooring Maintenance Mistakes

Avoiding Costly Flooring Maintenance Mistakes By Alan S. Bigger Originally Published April 2017 in Second Part: Costly Mistakes in selecting and installing flooring can have long-term consequences for both organizations and the staff responsible for keeping them looking their best. But managers can learn from others’ mistakes. For example, in one building, new carpeting extended right up to … Continued

Maximizing Investments in Flooring Maintenance

By Alan S. Bigger Originally Published April 2017 in Managers looking to maximize their organization’s investments in flooring maintenance and cleaning activities, as well as to enhance the overall appearance and performance of floors, should consider several strategies. The first step for managers is to ensure housekeeping crews have written cleaning procedures on an easy-to-read … Continued