Why Indoor Winter Maintenance is Important

As a building owner, you probably have winter maintenance plans in place for your outdoor areas like parking lots, sidewalks, and entrance areas. Snow and ice removal are important for keeping your business accessible and attractive during the winter. But have you considered the importance of an indoor winter maintenance plan? Here are three reasons … Continued

How to Remove Ink and Toner Stains from Carpet

Ink and toner stains are some of the most difficult marks to get out of carpet. A small dot in your home office may not be noticeable, but a large stain in a commercial office can be. Before you completely replace the carpet though, we have some tips to remove ink and toner stains from … Continued

Restorative Cleaning vs. Maintenance Cleaning

There are two main categories of commercial carpet cleaning that businesses inquire about. The first is restorative cleaning, which is usually a one-time process designed to “restore” aged carpet. The second is maintenance cleaning, which involves routine cleaning to keep carpets looking fresh. Both options have their benefits, and ideally, they should be combined to … Continued